What is a digital portfolio, why would I use one, and how do I get an account at Gonzaga University?

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Portfolios @ Gonzaga

Gonzaga University subscribes to an online digital portfolio platform called Foliotek- in fact, you are currently viewing a portfolio created in Foliotek! Students, staff, and faculty are eligible for a Foliotek account free of charge, and alumni can have an account for just $8/ year. 
Students can send an email to atasupport@gonzaga.edu with their first & last name, and their Zagmail email address to request an account.

Faculty can also contact ATAS through email, but the account process will be a little bit different. We will want to have a conversation about how you would like to use Foliotek in your course work, how students will interact with the tool, and to make sure you are aware of all the capabilities of the program. We want to make sure the process is as smooth as possible for you and your students.

Alumni can send an email to atasupport@gonzaga.edu to have an account created - please remember there is a fee of $8 per year for an alumni account.

The Foliotek program is administered by the Academic Technology Applications Support (ATAS) team at Gonzaga University. 

The ATAS Coordinators, Jennifer Klein & Brenda Warrington welcome any questions, comments, and feedback about digital portfolios and the Foliotek product.
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