What is a digital portfolio, why would I use one, and how do I get an account at Gonzaga University?

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What is a digital portfolio?

A digital portfolio (also called an e-portfolio or electronic portfolio) is a collection of evidence that has been selected and organized into a digital display to share, usually online. There are many different kinds of digital portfolios and many different reasons to create them. Here are a few:
  • Professional Portfolio - this is one that may be used to assist in career or internship searching. It allows the owner to go from a flat two-dimension resume to a more personalized collection of evidence that demonstrates the candidates capabilities, past experiences, and technical abilities.
  • Assessment Portfolio - a portfolio that is part of a course assignment may have specific perimeters for the content of the portfolio that will demonstrate that a student has met a learning outcome.
  • Reflective Portfolio - a personal portfolio that allows the creator to reflect on a specific event, process or assignment. You may want to create a reflective portfolio based on a study abroad adventure or a community service project. Pictures, videos, and other pieces of evidence are wonderful to look at, but it is the owner's reflection that gives the portfolio to depth!
  • Working Portfolio - a working portfolio is a collection of assignments, documents, projects, and anything else you deem necessary to collect as evidence of your work. This kind of portfolio can get large and is more for the owners use. Later, the owner can use the evidence from a working portfolio to create smaller, tailored portfolios to share. 
Here is a small collection of sample portfolios: http://Samples4Gonzaga.foliotek.us 
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