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This page lists groups, advocates, and organizations that work with or for the use of digital portfolios.

Association of American Colleges & Universities
Eportfolios, digital repositories of student work, have been transforming students' educational experiences for two decades. The Association of American Colleges and Universities has long advocated eportfolio adoption throughout higher education.

The Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning
AAEEBL, the Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning, is a professional association and a U. S. non-profit with members in four countries. Its goal is to promote portfolio learning as a major way to transform higher education.

ePortfolio Resources and Research
Created by 24 campuses in the Connect to Learning project, this site demonstrates and deepens the value of ePortfolio to higher education. It offers data, practices and strategies, showing how ePortfolio can advance learning, deepen pedagogy and assessment, and support institutional change.
Electronic Portfolio Action & Communication
Previously sponsored by the National Learning Infrastructure Initiative/Educause Learning Initiative and the American Association for Higher Education, the EPAC Community of Practice has been a leading resource on electronic portfolios since October 2002. Current EPAC co-facilitators include: Helen L. Chen (Stanford University) and John Ittelson (California State University Monterey Bay).

This project seeks to create an ePortfolio framework that will encourage and enable academic staff to incorporate ePortfolios into their programmes, in order to empower students, allow for more authentic forms of assessment and foster a student-centred approach to learning. The development of this framework will include consideration of appropriate ePortfolio organisational principles and reflective approaches, the production of exemplars and guidelines, and the exploration of ePortfolio systems and models appropriate to the higher education and student context. Resources, guidelines, exemplars and training materials to support these approaches will be created and made available on this website.

Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research
The Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research convenes research/practitioners to study the impact of eportfolios on student learning and educational outcomes. Each year ten institutions selected through an application process constitute a three-year cohort. Each campus works on an individual project that asks "What learning is taking place as a function of electronic portfolios?" and "How do we know?"

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